open quote My youth work practice has developed and I am now able to implement factors from my course into the youth club that I may not have done before…
I have a better understanding which will have a direct progressive impact at the youth club open quote

We want children and young people to have access to the best supportive adults as possible in their communities. To do this we developĀ and deliver a wide range of training and development opportunities to anyone working with – or thinking about working with – children and/or young people.

Last year our experienced and engaging training staff delivered to over 500 staff and volunteers.

Our approach is based on our core values:

professional, inclusive, innovative and passionate

All of our training is based around a set of clear learning objectives providing meaningful and interactive sessions designed to ensure that learners are engaged and inspired.

We always work to ensure our opportunities meet the distinct needs of learners so we tailor our services accordingly. Some of our development opportunities include (click on title for all info):